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This design is from the book "Real Barbecue" by Greg Johnson and Vince Staten. 这个设计是由这本书“真正的烧烤”由Greg约翰逊和卡特斯塔滕。 Their philosophy with the Big Baby is to take stuff that's more or less lying around and turn it into a smoker that works on the same principles as the $1,600 jobbies that the pros sell. 他们的哲学与大的婴儿采取的东西的更多或更少躺在靠近,并把它变成一个烟民认为,工程对同样的原则为$ 1600 jobbies认为利弊出售。 You can see a similar design adapted from this one by John "Smoky" Mitchell for his Little Round Top cooker. 你可以看到类似的设计,改编自一本由约翰“黑烟”米切尔他小一轮顶端压力锅。

The essential function of a top-notch barbecue smoker is to keep the meat entrusted to it comfortably separated from flames and direct heat and yet in the path of the hot air and smoke that give it its flavor. 基本功能一个顶尖的烧烤吸烟者,是保持肉类委托给它的舒适脱离火焰和直接热,但在路径的热气和浓烟,给它的味道。 Big Baby does this by burning a hardwood fire in her bottom barrel and using the top barrel to contain the meat and direct the smoke. 大的婴儿,这是否是由烧硬木消防她在桶的底部和顶部使用每桶含有肉类和直接的烟雾。 The top barrel also serves as a big, self-contained drip pan that catches meat juices. 顶端每桶也作为一个大,自我包含的滴灌潘认为,渔获肉果汁。 And the vents and dampers located all along the air path mean that the fire can be precisely controlled, keeping it from dying or flaring up. 和喷口和阻尼器位于所有沿线的空气路径意味着消防,可精确控制,保持它从死亡或燃烧起来。

Besides two 55-gallon drums, the "trick" to the smoker is in making use of wood-stove kits designed to convert such drums into cheap stoves for heating storage sheds and such. 除了两个55加仑的圆桶, “伎俩”吸烟是在利用木材的炉灶包设计的转换,如鼓到廉价的火炉取暖的储存库等。 The kits come with a cast-iron door, cast-iron legs on which to mount the smoker, cast-iron supports to connect the bottom drum to the one above it, plus flues to connect the two drums. 该试剂盒来与铸铁的大门,铸铁的双腿上,装入吸烟,铸铁支持连接底部的鼓到一个它上面的,加上火道连接两个鼓。 From a hardware store or wood-stove shop, you toss in some dampers and a couple of neat little smokestacks for each end to let the smoke escape from the top drum. 从硬件商店或木材炉店,你折腾在一些阻尼器和一对夫妇的整齐小烟囱为每个年底,让烟雾逃生从上方的鼓。

Building Big Baby 建设大婴儿

Before you get started, make sure you have the stuff you'll need. 在您开始之前,请确定您拥有的东西,您需要。 The drums you should be able to find for about ten or twenty dollars; the stove kits (it takes two) are available at hardware and wood-stove stores or by mail order from Northern Hydraulics, 801 E. Cliff Rd., PO Box 1219, Burnsville, ME 55337, for less than forty or fifty dollars. 鼓声,您应该能够找到约10或20美元;火炉包(需两个) ,现已在硬件和木材炉灶商店或通过邮购从北部的水力, 801 e.悬崖路,邮政信箱1219 , burnsville ,我55337 ,不到40或50美元。 The two twenty-two-by-fifteen-inch grill surfaces can be had at a barbecue supply house for twenty-five dollars or so. 两国2002年由15英寸的烤架表面,可曾在一个烧烤供应众议院25美元或如此。 Add some bolts, brackets, hinges, smokestacks, fire bricks, paint and such, and you're up to a total expense of about a hundred and fifty dollars, more than the price of a simple covered grill but considerably less than the cost of a B1 bomber, which, by the way, does a simply horrible job on a rack of ribs. 添加一些螺栓,括号内,铰链,烟囱,防火砖,涂料等,而您到总支出约1 100和50美元,以上的价格,一个简单的涵盖烧烤,但大大低于成本一B1的轰炸机,其中,方式,做了简单的可怕工作,在机架肋骨。

The steps are simple: Paint the barrels first, then start cutting them with your saber saw. 步骤很简单:涂料桶第一,然后开始削减它们与您的Saber看到。 Use a fresh metal-cutting blade (ask the guy at the hardware store or tool rental place for one), and prepare yourself for a violently annoying noise roughly akin to five hundred colicky babies with the croup. 使用新鲜的金属切削刀片(请问家伙在硬件商店或工具租住的地方一) ,并准备自己一个暴力恼人的噪音大致类似500 colicky婴儿与哮吼。 Cuttin through a hollow drum with a bussing saber saw makes enough racket that you may want to consider earplugs. cuttin通过一个空心鼓与总线的Saber看到,使足够的球拍,你可能要考虑耳塞。 Or suicide. 或自杀。 But persevere, and cut a hole for the fire door at one end of the bottom barrel and matching holes in both barrels for the flues that connect them. 但坚持,并削减了一个洞,为防火门,在一月底的底部桶和配套洞在这两个桶,为火道连接。 Cut the top barrel in half horizontally, setting the top half aside. 削减顶端桶的一半水平,设置顶端的一半预留。 Then do your drilling and mounting and bolting, referring to the directions in the wood-stove kit whenever appropriate. 那么,您的钻探和安装和锚杆支护,指的方向,在木材炉灶包适当的时候。 Basically, you want to mount the bottom barrel on its legs (and we recommend connecting these to a couple of two-by-fours for a sturdier base), and then mount the fire door to it, followed by the connecting supports and the two flues (remember to insert the dampers before you bolt on the top barrel). 基本上,你想挂载的底部桶,其腿(我们建议连接这些一对夫妇的两个由4一个坚强的基地) ,然后装入防火门给它,其次是连接支持和2火道(请记住插入阻尼器之前,您对螺栓顶端桶) 。 Then you add the top barrel, bolting together the supports and flues between the two. 然后你添加顶端桶,锚杆支护起来,支持和火道之间的二。 At this point, lay the top half of the top barrel in place and mark holes for the hinges and handles. 在这一点上,奠定了顶端的一半顶端每桶在地方和马克孔为铰链和处理。 After the lid is in place, you can drill holes and bolt in place a small chain to keep the lid from falling over backwards. 后盖子是在地方,您可以钻孔和锚杆在的地方,一个小链,以保持盖子落入超过倒退。 About now you can use the saber saw one last time to cut holes in either end of the bottom half of the top barrel and mount the two smokestacks (again, don't forget those dampers). 现在您可以使用军刀看到一最后一次削减孔在两端的下半部顶端每桶装入两个烟囱(再次,不要忘记那些阻尼器) 。 Drill a hole for your thermometer (an inexpensive dial-type candy thermometer works fine, and even includes a clip that will hold it in place). 钻一个孔,为您的温度计(一种廉价的拨号型糖果温度计工程的罚款,甚至包括剪辑,将举行它在的地方) 。 Line the bottom of the bottom barrel with fire bricks, which keep it from burning through. 线的底部,底部的每桶符合消防砖,保持它从燃烧的通过。 Then drill and mount the brackets that support the grill surfaces, slap those puppies in place, and call one of those fellows who delivers wood. 然后演练及摩方括号表示支持烤架表面,打那些小狗在的地方,并要求之一,这些研究员谁提供木材。 You're ready to barbecue! 您准备好要烧烤!

It's best to operate this smoker over a nonflammable surface, from something as basic as packed dirt to concrete. 它的最佳运作,这吸烟超过一,不燃,表面上由一些基本的作为包装的污垢,以具体的建议。 The Babe sits a bit low to the ground, and her firebox gets more than a mite hot, so she will send any grass in the area to Turf Heaven almost immediately. 该贝贝坐在有点低到地面,和她的Firebox得到一个多螨的热点,所以她将派遣任何基层,在该地区的草坪天堂,几乎立即。 For a neater look, you could put down gravel and even border the area with bricks. 为neater看看,你可以放下砾石,甚至边境地区用砖头。

Cooking With Big Baby 烹饪与大婴儿

Big Baby is designed to burn real wood, not charcoal. 大的婴儿设计的烧伤真正的木材,而不是木炭。 She'll be happy with just about any hardwood - hickory, oak, mesquite, whatever - but stay away from soft stuff like pine. 她将很乐意与刚才对任何硬木-山核桃,橡木, m esquite,无论-但远离软的东西一样,松树。 Build a good-sized fire in the bottom barrel and let it go for a while, maybe an hour or more, until it has formed a healthy pile of hot coals. 营造良好的大中型火在底部的桶,让它走了一会儿,也许一小时或更长时间,直到它已形成一个健康的桩热煤。 Avoid cooking over a "fresh" fire, since such fires send up a lot of soot and creosote-like goo. 避免烹饪超过一个“新鲜”火,因为这种火灾发送了很多的烟尘和creosote一样的酷狗。 Go for a hot bed of coals onto which you can toss the occasional log, keeping the temperature as even as possible. 去的一个热点床煤上,您可以折腾,偶尔日志中,保持温度,甚至尽可能。 Barbecue is not set-it-and-forget-it food; cooking it requires almost constant tinkering and tending to keep the heat even over a period of hours. 烧烤是未设置-它和忘记它的食物;烹饪它需要不断地修修补补,几乎和抚育保持热,甚至在过去一段时间。 But with a big base of coals for consistency and the proper combination of damper settings for the wind and outdoor temperature, the Babe will chug along at a constant heat for an hour at a time, certainly time enough to go out for more beer or cassette tapes. 不过,与一个大基地,煤的一致性和适当的组合阻尼器的设置,风和室外温度,贝贝将chug一直在不断的热一小时的时间,当然有足够的时间走出去,为更多的啤酒或盒式录音带。

There will be very little in the way of barbecue that Big Baby can't handle, from a suckling pig to three twelve-quart stockpots of smoky chili. 会有很少在方式烧烤,大的婴儿不能处理,从乳猪到3 12 -夸脱stockpots排放黑烟的辣椒。 But she's more than a simple smoker. 但她的多于一个简单的抽烟。

Big Baby is a sculpture in basic black, a life-style statement, a conversation piece, a badge of honor, and a joy forever. 大的婴儿是一个雕塑的基本黑色,生活方式的声明,谈话一块,一个徽章的荣誉,和一个永远的喜悦。 And on a hot summer day, even when you're not cooking anything, it still smells like barbecue. 并在炎热的夏天天,甚至当您不做饭的话,仍然气味,像烧烤。

Where To Get The Parts 到哪里取得的部分

Parts for the Big Baby are available from Vogelzang International Corp. In Holland, MI. 部分为大的婴儿可从沃格桑国际公司在荷兰,米。 Here are some pictures of a Big Baby smoker built by Stuart MacMillan of Seattle, WA using parts from Vogelzang. 这里有一些照片,一个大的婴儿吸烟兴建的斯图尔特麦克米伦的西雅图,华盛顿州使用部分由沃格桑。 He reports that it took him about 12 hours and $275 to construct the smoker. 他报告说,它采取了他的约12个小时和275美元兴建吸烟。 He also reports that it works great. 他还报告说,它的伟大工程。




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51099在线学习网 http://www.51099.com
  barbecue指得是美味的户外烧烤,也泛指朋友间的露天聚会,是一个大家可以聚在一起闲聊、野餐的好机会。   那么,这个听起来、吃起来都很不错的barbecue的背后会有怎样的故事呢?   据说,曾经有个农场主把他的牛都打上了Bar-B-Q字样的烙印,后来人们烧烤那些牛肉时发现了这个标志,从此barbecue就流传开了。   还有一种比较可信的说法是,barbecue源于海地单词barbacoa,可能是泰诺人(西印度群岛一支已绝种的印地安人)使用的语言。这个词起初仅仅表示由树桩支撑起来的木制平台,通常被西印度群岛人用做睡觉的床和烤大块肉时用的烤架。   barbecue于1697年首次出现在英国,表示“床”和“烤架”的意思。到了十八世纪中期,发展为今天我们常用的含义,即“社交野餐会”和“烧烤设备、烤肉”。    顺便提一句,如果自家后院的烧烤聚会演变为一场混乱的浩劫,你可能会想到buccaneer这个词。对了,buccaneer就是海盗,和 barbecue有很深的渊源。在加勒比海图皮人的印地安语里,mukem和barbecue意思相同,而法国殖民者将其转化为boucanier,表示在户外火堆上弄食物的流浪者。这些boucaniers 也经常抢劫或进行其他违法活动。到大约十七世纪末, buccaneer最后成为英语词汇,表示在加勒比海出没的海盗。