Another blessing of this tour is the food. We love the Brazilian food and are being treated royally! As Zach Wilson points out in an excited way, almost every restaurant is a buffet. I believe a diet is in my future upon returning to North America.另一个祝福此行是食物。我们爱巴西粮食和正在接受治疗王室!作为扎克威尔逊指出,在一个兴奋的方式,几乎每一个餐厅是自助餐。我认为,饮食是我的未来在回国后向北美。

Sharon and Kimberly are happy with all the vegetarian choices as well.沙龙和Kimberly很高兴与所有素食主义者选择的。

But most of us are happy because of the sumptuous offerings of meat that is abundant (see "carnivore.")但最重要的是我们很高兴,因为丰盛的肉类产品是丰富(见“食肉动物” 。 )

In fact, as of today (our first week), we have already been to three different Chuasscarias! Sunday night after the concert, our friends in Goiania treated us to our second Chuassacaria and we enjoyed a third one upon our arrival in Belem.事实上,截至今日(我们的第一个星期) ,我们已经为三个不同的Chuasscarias !周日晚上在演唱会后,我们的朋友在戈亚纳我们对待我们的第二Chuassacaria ,我们享有第三个在我们到达贝伦。

Here's a hint from a self-designated "pro" (me) : With all the seemingly endless choices at these types of restaurants, hold out for the "cupim de bola."这里有一个暗示自我指定为“亲” (我) :在所有的似乎是无止境的选择这些类型的餐厅,举行了为“ cupim的博拉。 ”