>> Required Capital: US$30,000 - US$100,000 > > 所需的资本美国30000美元-美国十点〇 〇 〇万美元
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>> Required Net Worth: US$45,000+ > > 所需的资产净值: 45,000美元+
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>> Units: 500 > > 单位: 500
>> Started: 1954 > > 开始: 1954年
Description: 说明:
Over 900 Daylight Donut Shops and growing. 超过900名日光甜甜圈店的成长与扩张。 Daylight Donut Shops would love the opportunity to visit with you about opening your ow... 日光甜甜圈店的爱将有机会访问与你有关开放您怎么...

* Due to currency fluctuations, actual price of franchise may vary by country *由于汇率的波动,实际价格可能会有所变动的专营权由国家
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Who We Are 我们是谁
Daylight Donut Flour Company, LLC is a privately held company led by an experienced management team. 日光甜甜圈面粉公司, LLC公司是一家私人控股公司为首的一个经验丰富的管理团队。 Daylight was founded in 1954 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and today has over 900 retail outlets worldwide. 日光是成立于1954年在塔尔萨,俄克拉何马州和今天已超过900名世界各地的零售店铺。 Daylight's foundation is that of an entrepreneurial culture. 日光的基础是一个创业文化。 We are the licensor of the Daylight Donut name, concept, and process by which "Genuine" Daylight Donuts are made. 我们是许可的日光甜甜圈的名称,概念,过程,其中"真正的"日光donuts作出。

What We Do 我们做什么
Manufacture proprietary Donut Mixes for our licensed Daylight Donut Shops; warehouse and distribute equipment and ingredients required to produce "Genuine Daylight Donuts". 制造专有甜甜圈混为一谈,为我们的持牌日光甜甜圈店的仓库和分发设备和原料,须出示"真正的日光donuts " 。

License qualified individuals to own, operate, and produce "Genuine" Daylight Donuts in approved locations. 授权合格的个人拥有,营运,并产生"真正的"日光donuts在批准的地点。

Daylight Donuts has the look and feel of a national franchise. 日光donuts有外观和感觉一个国家的专营权。 We provide a federally protected trademark, branded packaging, uniformity in products, and a protected territory. 我们所提供的一个由联邦政府保护的商标,品牌包装,统一在产品,以及受保护的领土。

• Advise individuals interested in •提醒感兴趣的个人
.. opening a Daylight Donut Shop ..打开一个日光甜甜圈店
• Provide guidance in site and •提供指导,在网站和
.. market selection ..市场选择
• Assists in equipment layout •次助攻,在设备布置
.. with a floor plan for your specific ..与平面图为您的特定
.. building and guidance setup. ..建设和指导安装。
• Source, supply, and deliver •来源,供应,并提供
.. all equipment and ingredients ..所有设备和材料
.. needed for the protection of "Genuine" Daylight Donuts. ..需要为保护"正版"日光donuts 。
•Consult on all phases of opening and operation of your shop. •征询对各个阶段的开放和运作,您的店铺。
•Provide on site training. •提供现场培训。

Profitability 盈利能力
Donuts are the second most profitable food item in the Nation. donuts是第二个最赚钱的食品项目在全国的。 In addition, the Daylight Signature Coffee and beverage program generates major dollars to the bottom line. 此外,该日光签名咖啡和饮料的程序生成的主要美元的底线。 In a normal Daylight Donut operation, gross sales can be allocated to 1/3 overhead, 1/3 food cost, and 1/3 profit margin. 在一个正常的日光甜甜圈的运作,销售总额可分配给1 / 3架空, 1 / 3的食物成本, 1 / 3的利润。 The profit margin will vary due to the amount of ownership participation. 利润率将有所不同,因为金额所有权的参与。 These numbers can be equaled or exceeded depending on owner/management participation and skills. 这些数字可以持平或超过,视乎业主/管理的参与和技能。 Keep in mind all of the profits in your Daylight Donut Shop are yours. 请记住,所有的利润,在您的日光甜甜圈店是你的。

Daylight License 日光许可
The agreement between you and the Daylight Donut Flour Company, LLC is a "License" not a franchise agreement. 之间的协议你和日光甜甜圈面粉公司, LLC是"许可"不是一个专营权协议。 Daylight takes no percentages nor charges a fee for the license. 白天没有采取任何的百分比,也不收费,收费许可证。 All profits are for the operator to keep. 所有的利润都是为运营商保持。

Location 位置
Location is the key element in the success of a Daylight Donut Shop. 位置是关键因素,在成功的一个日光甜甜圈店。 Our team at Daylight is qualified through research and past experience to help you choose the best location for your shop. 我们的团队在白天是合格的通过研究和过去的经验,可以帮助您选择的最佳位置,为您的店。 A list of basic items needed for approving a good location will be provided after speaking with a sales representative. 名单基本项目所需的审批一个很好的位置,将提供后发言,与销售代表。

Cost 成本
New Daylight Shop costs will vary from state to state. 新日光店的成本会有所不同,从国家到国家。 The size of the building, pre-opening expenses, inventory, equipment, signage, freight, décor, and landscaping (if applicable) will affect your initial investment requirements. 规模建设,会前开幕的开支,库存,设备,标志,货运,装饰,美化环境(如适用)将影响您的初始投资的要求。